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Frequently Asked Questions About Auditions

  • Can I submit a video audition?

    Attendance at auditions and callbacks is extremely encouraged. In the rare instance when a person can't attend these, a video audition may be authorized to be submitted. Actors who submit should be aware that not being able to attend auditions or callbacks in person hinders their likelihood of being cast.

  • How will I find out about Callbacks and Cast Lists?

    We will post both lists to the website ( and on our Facebook page. Please do not call or message to find out if the list has been posted - if it does not appear on the website or Facebook page, then it has not been decided. Regardless of the Callbacks list, be sure to check the Cast list post for final casting decision.

  • How do Callbacks work?

    Typically, a Callbacks list is posted. At the Callback, we provide all necessary materials with the directors guiding auditionees on what to read, sing and/or dance. An actor is called back when directors need to hear/see more from them to assist in determining the cast. Whether your name appears on the Callbacks list or not does not determine final casting.

  • Are roles precast?

    We do not typically precast roles. On the rare occasion precasting happens, we will publicly announce it ahead of auditions.

  • Are there fees to participate?

    We do not charge fees to participate in productions, and provide all items necessary with the exception of personal makeup (if required), undergarments and shoes.

  • What is a typical rehearsal schedule?

    Rehearsals for adult shows are typically 7:00-10:00 p.m. weekdays, and for youth shows 6:30-9:00 p.m. weekdays. LCP typically does not have regular rehearsals on weekends until Tech (although the schedule is always subject to change). Tech (when we coordinate all technical elements with acting) is typically the Sunday prior to opening performance. Dress rehearsals follow until the opening performance.

  • What is the conflicts policy?

    LCP regularly works around conflicts, provided they are ALL included on the audition form. LCP reserves the right to recast if conflicts are added after casting. Potential actors should understand the commitment surrounding a production. The production process relies heavily on team-based interaction.

    LCP has an established No Conflict Zone with each production. The No Conflict Zone is the time when the play is being put together as a whole, so actors must be able to commit to rehearsals and performances with no conflicts after the stated date.

  • What is the online registration process?

    We highly encourage auditionees to register for an audition time slot on our website. Online registration is closed once auditions have started. We welcome walk-ins with the understanding you may have to wait for a later time slot to audition.

  • Do you give audition feedback?

    It is LCP policy not to give audition feedback to auditionees.


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