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Disney's Frozen JR - Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned. We encourage everyone to keep informed by visiting our website for upcoming auditions in the spring for Matilda.

First rehearsal will be Monday, October 14th from 6:00-9:00 p.m. A mandatory meeting for all cast members and their parent/guardian will be from 6:00-6:15p.m. to review important information. Parents will be dismissed at 6:15 p.m. Costume measurements will also be taken at this time, so please wear items that allow for easy measurement (i.e. t-shirt, jeans or leggings).

Please email Christine Cottam, Director of Operations, to accept your role.

Young Anna - Livia King*
Middle Anna - Melanie Wiggins
Anna - Jocelyn Tisdale*
Young Elsa - Lumi Kim*
Middle Elsa - Kadie Eklund
Elsa - Vivian Ostrander
King Agnarr - Mason Farmer
Queen Iduna - Rahel Teklu*
Pabbie/Fixer Upper - Keegan Brester*
Bulda/Fixer Upper - Maeve Glenn-Hash*
Bishop - Sam Maser*
Kristoff - Jack Welstead*
Sven - Ryan Ostrander
Hans - Evan Volkmer*
Weselton - Forrest Wamstad-Evans*
Olaf - Zachary Johannes
Oaken/Courtperson - Zach Stevens
Housekeeper - Kimbal McClure
Butler - Jeremiah Keele*
Handmaiden - Allie Works
Cook - Vincent Taddeucci
Steward - Landon Koepke
Townsperson 1 - Lucy Cogan
Townsperson 2 - Mary Thompson
Townsperson 3 - James Daily
Townsperson 4 - Willa Gardner*
Townsperson 5 - Madison Johnson
(Townspeople and Court/Servants will also be the “Summer” Ensemble)

Oaken Family/Fixer Upper - Oliver Daily, Brady Durban, Jack Hansen*, Chloe Heaton*, Claire Holle*, ClaraAnn Kirkendall*, Esther Robinson, Layne Swim*, Lyra Walsh*

Snow Dancers - Leah Blake*, Breanna Conroy*, Georgia-Kate Delfosse*, Jane-Grace Delfosse, CJ Koolen, Nyah Rasmussen*, Tyler Stover*, Bella Sweeney*, Ellie Sweeney, Ayla Thompson

*LCP Debut

Frozen Jr - Cast List will be posted Friday afternoon. Thank you for your patience.
Frozen JR - Callbacks List

Callbacks are 6:00-9:00pm Wednesday, October 9th, at the Playhouse. If you cannot make the callbacks time, please email Christine Cottam at

Please note – whether or not your name appears on the callbacks list does NOT reflect final casting decisions. Look for the cast list to be posted by Friday, October 11th.

*Note: Your name may appear more than once.

Parents are NOT permitted to watch callbacks.

6:00-7:00p - Dancer Callback
Dancers should wear clothing that allows for movement of dance and tumbling. Absolutely NO sandals, slides, or crocs. Dancers should bring jazz shoes or ballet shoes. If you do not have either, please wear tennis shoes.

Taryn Bade
Leah Blake
Breanna Conroy
Georgia-Kate Delfosse
Jane-Grace Delfosse
Claire Holle
Madisyn Howell
Madison Johnson
Lumi Kim
CJ Koolen
Drew Lohrman
Olivia Mays
Caroline Moser
Nyah Rasmussen
Tyler Stover
Bella Sweeney
Ellie Sweeney
Ayla Thompson
Mary Thompson
Jocelyn Tisdale
Lyra Walsh
Ella Wemhoff
Allie Works

6:00-7:00p - Music/Acting Callback
Lucy Cogan
Kadie Eklund
Reagan Eklund
Maeve Glenn-Hash
Lumi Kim
Livia King
Caroline Moser
Esther Robinson
Layne Swim
Audrey Taddeucci
Naomi Wegner
Allie Works

7:00-9:00p - Music/Acting Callback
Those called may be excused early. You may bring a book and/or homework. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

Taryn Bade
Leah Blake
Keegan Brester
Harper Davis
Mason Farmer
Cooper Hogan
Zachary Johannes
Jeremiah Keele
Landon Koepke
CJ Koolen
Sam Maser
Ryan Ostrander
Vivian Ostrander
Zephaniah Siebler
Zach Stevens
Tyler Stover
Jocelyn Tisdale
Evan Volkmer
Jack Welstead
Melanie Wiggins

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