• BE MORE CHILL Auditions
    BE MORE CHILL Auditions

    Auditions for Be More Chill will be held August 19 & 20 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Callbacks, if needed, will be 7:00-10:00 p.m. August 21.

    Interested actors should prepare a solo of 16-32 bars (not from Be More Chill ) and bring shoes to dance in. An accompanist will be provided.

    Actors must be at least 15 years old to audition. Please note: While this show is about high school, it has mild cursing, sexual talk and drug references. Actors under the age of 18 will have to have signed parental permission forms.

    Molly Gilmartin directs with Jack Forbes Wilson as musical director, Kayleigh Schadwinkel as choreographer and Christine Cottam as stage manager.

Be More Chill Character Description

Please note: The age of the characters is not necessarily the age of the actor.

Jeremy Heere: Male, Teenager; a sweet, introspective, awkward and very much uncool, he just hopes to keep his head down enough to survive high school and maybe get the girl of his dreams to notice him; when he’s given the opportunity to have a supercomputer implanted in his brain that tells him how to become popular, he has to balance following its rules with following his own heart.

The Squip: Male, 20-30; the physical manifestation of a Japanese supercomputer which implants in Jeremy’s brain and teaches him how to be cool; The Squip appears as the coolest guy around: confident, self-assured and literally all-knowing with an occasional tendency to be snide.

Michael Mell: Male, Teenager; funny, laid-back, and very warm; although he’s uncool too, he’s comfortable in his own skin and happy to kick back, play video games with his best (and only) friend Jeremy, listen to Bob Marley, and wait for high school to be over; Jeremy’s transformation and subsequent betrayal are devastating, and for the first time ever, the longtime outsider finds himself in a position to save the day.

Christine: Female, Teenager; sweet, sensitive, smart and a little nerdy, she’s a theater kid and cares deeply about it; the kind of girl who knows she’ll thrive in college, she doesn’t engage with the social hierarchy of high school but can’t resist being tempted when the coolest guy in school starts pursuing her.

Chloe: Female, Teenager; the most popular girl in school; confident, crass, sexy, manipulative, and downright mean at times, she’s the undisputed queen of the social scene, and rules over her minions with unquestioned power.

Brooke: Female, Teenager; the second most popular girl in school; sweet and a little insecure, she’s Chloe’s sidekick and always happy to defer to her, although she’s not nearly as driven or dominating.

Rich: Male, Teenager; the terror of the uncool kids, and will go out of his way to make their lives difficult; despite his meanness and almost certain criminal future, he has a secret that reveals a surprisingly sensitive side and a chance at possible redemption.

Jake: Male, Teenager; the ultimate high school cool guy; handsome, popular, a star athlete from a rich family, he has everything going for him and he knows it; alpha status is effortless to him and he might contain hidden depths, but it’s hard to see them when he gets whatever he wants all the time.

Jenna: Female, Teenager; clearly not one of the cool kids (although she desperately wants to be), she’s the school gossip who always has the dirt and is more than happy to tell anyone and everyone about it.

Mr. Heere: Male, 30-49; Jeremy’s Dad; sweet, cheerful, and a little pathetic, his wife’s departure the year before has left him in denial and struggling to cope; terrified of everything including stepping up as a father and wearing pants, he pretends everything is just fine.

Mr. Reyes: Male 30-40; Drama teacher who rebels against the establishment by staging a high concept Shakespeare production. But would rather be in a corner eating a Hot Pocket.

Ensemble of 6-10 Teenagers

Please note: While this show is about high school, it has mild cursing, sexual talk and drug references. Actors under the age of 18 will have to have signed parental permission forms.

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August 19 & 20, 2019

Director - Molly Gilmartin

Music Director - Jack Forbes Wilson

Choreographer - Kayleigh Schadwinkel



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Choreographer - Kaia Anderson


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