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The mission of the Lincoln Community Playhouse is to positively transform the lives of individuals and profoundly change our community by providing the finest quality theatre experience in both process and production.




The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Callbacks List

Callbacks are 6-9pm Thursday, June 11, at the Playhouse. If you cannot make the callbacks time, please email Emily Kuklinski, Stage Manager,

Please note – whether or not your name appears on the callbacks list does NOT reflect final casting decisions. Look for the cast list to be posted Friday, June 12.

Carson Cash Felix Izel
Ingrid Gessert Jen Risk
Mark Mesarch Tyler Carron
Ethan Olson Margy Ryan
Avery Olson Joy Blythe
Krystal Wilwerding Matthew Guilford
Deanna Lyons Jessica Richard
Colleen O’Gara Cheryl Frederick
Taylor Findlay Maria Piccolo
Jillian Brown Sam Varney
Avery Anderson Matt Stephens
Christa Dunker Michelle Fonck
Rachel Ojeda Ellie Woody
Lindsay Ojeda Landon Reichmuth
Rhiannon Cottam Rukhshona Islamova
Kelly Pinto Salvador Diaz-DeBose
Casandra Rhoads Nate Mares
Walter McDowell III Amanda Schumacher
Elaina Matthews