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Aladdin Book List


For Children

By: Disney
j DVD Arabian Nights
In the heart of an enchanted city, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey, Abu, battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine. Aladdin's life changes with one rub of a magic lamp as a fun-loving, shape-shifting Genie appears and grants him three wishes. Through his adventures, Aladdin proves that he is a prince where it truly matter most - on the inside.

Sinbad: sailing into peril: an Arabian tale
By: Marie P. Croall
j398.2 Cro
A graphic format retelling of Sinbad's adventurous sea voyages that made him wealthy and famous.

Aladdin and the enchanted lamp
By Phillip Pullman
j398 Ara (Pullman ed.)
Recounts the tale of a poor tailor's son who becomes a wealthy prince with the help of a magic lamp he finds in an enchanted cave. Philip Pullman garnered every accolade around with the breathtaking His Dark Materials trilogy. Now he turns his storytelling gifts to one of the most famous of the Arabian Nights tales, Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp. Aladdin is a shiftless good-for-nothing boy until he unwittingly acquires a magic lamp inhabited by a genie-and the adventure that follows both makes his fortune and makes him a man. Pullman tells the tale with his trademark crisp writing and fast-paced action, while Sophy Williams's pastels shimmer with the heat and beauty of the Far East.

The Arabian Nights
Retold by: Wafa’ Tarnowska
j398.2 AraYt
Lebanese author Wafa' Tarnowska opens a window onto the Arab world with her magnificent new translation of eight stories from ‘A Thousand and One Nights’. This edition is notable for combining favourites such as 'Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp' with less familiar tales such as 'The Diamond Anklet' and 'The Speaking Bird and the Singing Tree'. The collection also features the frame story about Shahriyar and Shahrazade.

Folk and fairy tales from around the world
Compiled by: Ethna Sheehan
j398.21 She
These stories have been selected because they are fun to tell in groups, and because many children have enjoyed listening to them – and reading them, too. Surely such universally loved folk and fairy tales from around the world demonstrate that we are all one in our response to enchantment and wit, whether we hail from Europe or the hills of Kentucky.

The young Oxford book of folk tales
Edited by: Kevin Crossley-Holland
j398.2 Cro
This is a collection of 35 folk tales from all over the world. You'll meet ghosts, spirits, robbers, princesses, sharks, and tigers, wealthy sultans and hungry peasants, fair maidens and cackling witches, rainbow birds and laughing fish. The stories are romantic, funny, sad, exciting, miraculous, and exotic. They vary in style and content, from the familiar "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" and "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," to the surprising, such as the Yoruba tale "Onieye and King Olu Dotun's Daughter". The stories are arranged by place of origin, covering all five continents.

Nursery tales around the world
Selected and retold by: Judy Sierra
j398.2 Sie
“After lullabies and nursery rhymes,” says folklorist and storyteller Judy Sierra, “a young child’s literary education naturally continues with stories.” Here is an international collection of tales chosen specifically to delight young children ready for stories.

Ali and the magic stew
By: Shulamith Levey Oppenheim
jP Oppenheim
Guided by a beggar he so often shunned, a young, spoiled boy in Persia must quickly collect ingredients for a healing stew to make for his dying father.

For Adults

By: Hamzah Jamjoom
DVD 915.38 Ara
All-new experience about the extraordinary culture and history of Arabia. With breathtaking cinematography, go deep into the heart of this exotic land to experience the great mystique of Arabia. Like riding a magic carpet, you will discover the lost city of Madain Saleh and explore its ancient tombs, travel along the early frankincense trade route, confront a wild desert sandstorm, and dive among the gorgeous coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks of the dazzling Red Sea.

The Arabian nights cookbook: From kebabs to baba ghnouj, delicious homestyle Arabian cooking
By: Habeeb Salloum and Suan I. Lim
641.595 MidYs
The blending of these culinary worlds has produced something remarkable for the kitchens of Arabs and non-Arabs alike. In The Arabian Nights Cookbook, author Habeeb Salloum has compiled an amazing array of recipes that celebrate this blending of cultures while still making it compatible with the everyday kitchens of the Western world.

The Arabian nights: Tales from a thousand and one nights
Translated by: Sir Richard Burton
398.22 Ara
Full of mischief, valor, ribaldry, and romance, The Arabian Nights has enthralled readers for centuries. These are the tales that saved the life of Shahrazad, whose husband, the king, executed each of his wives after a single night of marriage. Beginning an enchanting story each evening, Shahrazad always withheld the ending: A thousand and one nights later, her life was spared forever. This volume reproduces the 1932 Modern Library edition, for which Bennett A. Cerf chose the most famous and representative stories from Sir Richard F. Burton's multivolume translation, and includes Burton's extensive and acclaimed explanatory notes.

Putumayo presents Acoustic Arabia
By: Putumayo World Music
CD 781.62 MidYp
Steeped in ancient tradition, the acoustic music of the Middle East and North Africa is featured on this mesmerizing collection.

Feast from the Mideast: 250 sun-drenched dishes from the lands of the Bible
By: Faye Levy
641.595 MidYl
From the Fertile Crescent, where agriculture began, to the extravagant tables of Ottoman emperors, the Mideast boasts a surpassingly rich culinary heritage. In Faye Levy's Feast from the Mideast, the acclaimed food journalist and cookbook author brings 250 time-honored recipes into the twenty-first-century American kitchen. Accessible and authentic dishes, helpful shopping tips, and Faye Levy's trademark user-friendly approach make this book a must-have introduction to a vibrant international cuisine.