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Season 74 Playhouse Family

The mission of the Lincoln Community Playhouse is to positively transform the lives of individuals and profoundly change our community by providing the finest quality theatre experience in both process and production.




The Game’s Afoot Callback List

Please come at 7:00 tonight for callbacks. We will be doing some more readings from the script.
If your name is on this list, it does not mean you are cast. If your name is not on this list, it does not mean you have not been cast. Please check on Thursday afternoon for further details.

Bethany Eckoff
Cassandra Munger
Bailey West
Rachel Gar-El
Karen Freimund Wills
Julia Caruso
Christa Dunker
Constance Howard
Judy Anderson
Karen Statham
Jeanne Kern
Judy Thiem
Natalie Weiss
Sarah Gibson
Brian Foley
Mark Mesarch
Walter McDowell
Nate Mares
Gage Biltoft
Nick Munger
Scott Clark