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A Little House Christmas Book List

A Little House Christmas
Recommendations from Gere Library Staff
All Summaries are Publisher’s Summaries

Winter Days in the Big Woods
By: Laura Ingalls Wilder
jP Wilder
Laura helps Ma and Pa make the little log cabin snug and cozy for the snowy days ahead.
- Additional titles available in the My First Little House series

The Wheat Doll
By: Alison L. Randall
jP Randall
On the nineteenth-century Utah frontier, Mary Ann is heartbroken when her doll Betty is lost during a fierce storm and her sadness lasts all winter long, until spring brings a wonderful surprise.

When Pioneer Wagons Rumbled West
By: Christine Graham
jP Graham
The challenges faced by the Mormon pioneers are brought vividly to life in this exciting book which recounts their dangerous trek and the routine of life on the trail.

The Second Bend in the River
By: Ann Rinaldi
j Rinaldi
In 1798 Rebecca, a young settler in the Ohio territory, meets the Shawnee called Tecumseh and later develops a deep friendship with him.

Little House in the Big Woods
By: Laura Ingalls Wilder
j Wilder
Wolves and panthers and bears roam the deep Wisconsin woods in the late 1870's. In those same woods, Laura lives with Pa and Ma, and her sisters, Mary and Baby Carrie, in a snug little house built of logs. Pa hunts and traps. Ma makes her own cheese and butter. All night long, the wind howls lonesomely, but Pa plays the fiddle and sings, keeping the family safe and cozy.
- The Whole Little House on the Prairie Series is Available

Skillet Bread, Sourdough, and Vinegar Pie
By: Loretta Frances Ichord
j641.509 Ich
Presents a look at what was eaten in the American West by pioneers on the trail, cowboys on cattle drives, and gold miners in California camps, with available ingredients, cooking methods, and equipment. Includes recipes and appendix of classroom cooking directions.

A Little House Traveler: Writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Journeys Across America
By: Laura Ingalls Wilder
jB W65
Laura Ingalls Wilder crossed the country by covered wagon, by train, and by car. Here, Laura's journal entries and letters from three of her most memorable journeys have been collected in one volume.

Borrowed Names: Poems About Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie, and Their Daughters
By: Jeannine Atkins
j811 Atk
Borrowed Names is the story of these remarkable mothers and daughters, a history told in vivid compelling poems.

Christmas on the Great Plains
Edited By: Ken Robbins and Dorothy Dodge Robbins
394.26 ChrYr
A thought-provoking and inspiring antidote to the dark and icy days of December, Christmas on the Great Plains is a welcome reminder of the many connections we make with each other and the landscape during the Yuletide season.

The Children's Blizzard
By: David Laskin
551.555 Las
Thousands of impoverished Northern European immigrants were promised that the prairie offered "land, freedom, and hope." The disastrous blizzard of 1888 revealed that their free homestead was not a paradise but a hard, unforgiving place governed by natural forces they neither understood nor controlled, and America’s heartland would never be the same.

The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie
By: Wendy McClure
813 WilYm
In this funny and thoughtful guide to a romanticized version of the American expansion west, children's book editor and memoirist McClure, attempts to recapture her childhood vision of "Laura World" (i.e., the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books about an 1880s pioneer family).

Little House on the Prairie: Season 1
DVD j Wilder Season 1
Best known for its life-affirming lessons and heartwarming adventures, Little House on the Prairie made its TV debut in 1974 and significantly altered the landscape of television. Loyal fans will relive these exciting and touching adventures, while new viewers will discover the Ingalls' unconquerable courage to build a new life.
- More Seasons Available