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Theatre Arts Academy Book Lists

The Music Man Jr. Reading List


Violet’s Music
By: Angela Johnson
jP Johnson
Violet's Music sings to us that the right friend is always out there-as long as we keep looking and hoping, and above all, staying true to ourselves.

Hip & Hop, don't stop!
By: Jef Czekaj
jP Czekai
Hilarious mini-raps recited at varying speeds make for a rollicking read-aloud that kids will want to hear—and perform—over and over.

The Cat in the Hat Song Book
By: Dr. Seuss
j782.42 Seu
This classically wacky songbook contains 19 Seuss-songs for the beginning singer.

My family Plays Music
By: Judy Cox
jP Cox
A musical family with talents for playing a variety of instruments enjoys getting together to celebrate.

Lives of Musicians
By: Kathleen Krull
j780.92 Kru
Discover the fascinating and often humorous stories of twenty famous musicians from various countries and historical periods, beginning with Vivaldi and ending with Woody Guthrie.

The Usborne Internet-Linked Introduction to Music
By: Eileen O’Brien
j780 OBr
This introduction to music covers topics from sound recording and the rock business to reading music and composers.


Your Playlist Can Change Your Life
By: Galina Mindlin, Don DuRousseau, & Joseph Cardillo
781.11 Min
Overflowing with easy-to-use tips, Your Playlist Can Change Your Life is the first book to offer scientifically proven methods for using your favorite music to enhance your life.

The NPR Classical Music Companion
By: Miles Hoffman & National Public Radio
Music 780.3 Hof
An irresistible tour through the lexicon of classical music, The NPR Classical Music Companion offers an essential education certain to increase any listener's understanding and appreciation of this potentially daunting musical genre.

The Chronicle of Classical Music
By: Alan Kendall
780.92 qKen
Taking the form of a chronological diary from 1600 to the present, this book leads the reader through the centuries, year by year, following the musicians' overlapping and interweaving lives.

It Happened on Broadway
By: Myrna Frommer & Harvey Frommer
782.14 Fro
From the living memories of the people who created the magic of Broadway theater, It Happened on Broadway illustrates the history of Broadway, its triumphs and failures, its constant variety, and enduring glories.


Meredith Willson's The Music Man
DVD 782.14 Mus
A high-spirited, song-filled tale of the travelling music salesman who isn't exactly what he seems.
(Both the 1962 & 2003 versions available)

The Music Man: Original Broadway Cast Recording
Compact disc 782.14 Mus
Recorded in 1957, musical direction and vocal arrangements by Herbert Greene.


The Adventures of Taxi Dog
By: Debra Barracca, Sal Barracca & Mark Buehner
jP Barracca
Maxi, a homeless mutt in New York City, has always fended for himself. Then one day a kind taxi driver named Jim offers him friendship, a home, and a place in the front seat!

Joe and the Skyscraper: The Empire State Building in New York City
By: Dietrich Neumann
j720.483 Neu
When the Empire State building in New York was built 70 years ago, 3,500 workers were employed on the site. One of them was 16-year-old Joe Carbonelli, whose job it was to carry drinking water up to the other workers. This is his story of how in only 18 months the world's tallest skyscraper was built.

A Walk in New York
By: Salvatore Rubbino
j917.471 Rub
New York City — the perfect place for a boy and his dad to spend the day! Follow them on their walk around Manhattan, from Grand Central Terminal to the top of the Empire State Building, from Greenwich Village to the Statue of Liberty, learning lots of facts and trivia along the way.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way: A Barrio Story
By: Luis J. Rodriguez & Daniel Galvez
j466.3 Rod
Reluctantly, young Monchi becomes more and more involved in the activities of a local gang, until a tragic event involving his cousin forces him to make a choice about the course of his life.
(This bi-lingual book is written in Spanish and English)

Ace Hits the Big Time
By: Barbara Beasley Murphy & Judie Wolkoff
j Murphy
How Horace "Ace" Hobart faces the Falcons, meets the most beautiful girl he's ever known, and becomes an acting star makes for hilarious reading in this consistently funny comedy of errors.

Brooklyn Bridge
By: Lynn Curlee
j624.55 Cur
Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge's triumphant arches lays astonishing tales of death, deception, genius, and daring. Over the fourteen-year course of its construction, there were many deaths, an underwater fire, and even fraud.


The Savage City: Race, Murder, and a Generation on the Edge
By: T.J. English
364.109 Eng
One part police procedural, one part historical narrative, T.J. English's The Savage City: Race, Murder, and a Generation on the Edge follows three different men caught in the fallout of New York City's most turbulent decade as race relations, corruption, and crime reached a stormy head.

The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell
By: Mark Kurlansky
594.4 Kur
Award-winning author Mark Kurlansky tells the remarkable story of New York by following the trajectory of one of its most fascinating inhabitants–the oyster.

The Empire State: A History of New York
By: M. Milton Klein
974.7 Kle
A richly illustrated volume, The Empire State begins in the early seventeenth century (when the region was still populated solely by Native Americans) and concludes in the mid-1990s, by which time people from all over the world had made the state their home.

The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld
By: Herbert Asbury
364.106 Asb
First published in 1928, Herbert Asbury's whirlwind tour through the low-life of nineteenth-century New York has become an indispensible classic of urban history. Focusing on the saloon halls, gambling dens, and winding alleys of the Bowery and the notorious Five Points district, The Gangs of New York dramatically evokes the destitution and shocking violence of a turbulent era.

The Hustler
By: Jackie Gleason & Paul Newman
DVD Hustler
Paul Newman electrifies in his brilliant portrayal of Fast Eddie Felson, an arrogant hustler whose unbridled ambition drives him to challenge legendary pool player Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) - but the stakes are higher than either of them can imagine.