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Theatre Arts Academy - Costume/Props Design Internship

Job Description:

Select minimalist costume and props design with the Director before camp begins.

Create a costume and prop breakdown for each show. There are templates provided in each camp folder.

Provide Director of Operations with costume and prop supply list not to exceed budgeted amount. All camp purchases must be authorized by the Director of Operations. 

Build and/or pull costumes and props for each production.

Keep work environments clean and organized.

Responsible for keeping TAA organized in the green room, costume alley, sewing room, prop loft, and TAA storage space in the Studio Theatre light booth.

The Playhouse Technical Director will take care of any power tool needs . TAA staff are not allowed to use power tools.

Assist daily with preparing spaces for camp, check-in, lunch supervision, camper pick-up, and shut-down at end of day.

Coordinate Production Assistant daily assignments with Stage Manager.

Provide supervision and leadership in the green room and backstage during performance days.

Assist box office with any TAA needed paperwork.