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Check out the great book list provided by our delightful neighbors at Gere Library!

DISNEY'S Cinderella Kids.

By: Charles Perrault
jP Perrault
Although mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella meets her prince with the help of her fairy godmother.

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A World Wide Cinderella
By: Paul Fleischman
jP Fleischman
The author draws from a variety of folk traditions to put together this version of Cinderella, including elements from Mexico, Iran, Korea, Russia, Appalachia, and more.

Abadeha: Philippine Cinderella
By: Myrna DeLaPaz
In this version of Cinderella, set in the Phillipines, Abadeha endures abuse by her stepmother before being helped by the Spirit of the Forest and becoming the bride of the island chieftan's son.

Fair, Brown & Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story
By: Jude Daly
In this unusual version of a folktale favorite, Jude Daly introduces readers to a beautiful young woman named Trembling, her selfish sisters Fair and Brown, and the old henwife who changes everything.

The Golden Scandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella
By: Rebecca Hickox
jP Hickox
Based on a Cinderella story from Iraq called "The Little Red Fish and the Clog of Gold" in Inea Bushnaq's Arab folktales.

Sootface: An Ojibwa Cinderella Story
By: Robert San Souci
jP San Souci
Once, and Ojibwa man whose wife had died raised three daughters alone. The two older girls were lazy and bad-tempered, and made their youngest sister do all of the work. When the flames from the cooking fire singed her hair or burned her skin, they laughed and called her Sootface.

Pigling:A Cinderella Story: A Korean Tale
By: Dan Jolley
j398.2 Jol
A Korean version of the traditional tale 'Cinderella'.

By: Christine San Jose
jPSan Jose
The beloved fairy tale takes on a new look, set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century Manhattan, with glowing illustrations by the artist for 'The Baby Who Would Not Come Down'.

Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella Story
By: Tom DePaola
jP DePaola
After the death of her mother and father, Adelita is badly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters until she finds her own true love at a grand fiesta.

Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella
By: Alan Schroeder
jP Schroeder
In this variation on the Cinderella Story, based on the Charles Perrault version but set in the Smoky Mountains, Rose loses her glass slipper at a party given by the rich feller on the other side of the creek.

Ella's Big Chance: A Jazz Age Cinderella
By: Shirley Hughes
jP Hughes
In this version of the Cinderella tale set in the 1920's, Ella has two men courting her--the handsome Duke of Arc and Buttons the delivery boy.

Princess Furball
By: Charlotte Huck
jP Huck
Once upon a time a cruel King decided to betroth his motherless daughter to an Ogre in exchange for fifty wagons filled with silver. When the Princess learns what her father has done, she is horrified. But she is as clever as she is beautiful. Quickly, the Princess devises a plan to escape and, relying on her own spunk and good sense, ultimately marries the man she chooses for herself.

The Gift of the Crocodile
By: Judy Sierra
jP Sierra
In this Indonesian version of the Cinderella story, a girl named Damura escapes her cruel stepmother and stepsisters and marries a handsome prince with the help of Grandmother Crocodile.

The Rough-Face Girl
By: Rafe Martin
jP Martin
In an Algonquin village by the shores of Lake Ontario, many young women have tried to win the affections of the powerful invisible being who lives with his sister in a great wigwam near the forest. Then came the Rough-Face girl, scarred from working by the fire. Can she succed where her beautiful, cruel sisters have failed? A strong, distinctive tale with art to match.