Theatre Arts Academy

Theatre Arts Academy (TAA) was originally designed for the serious theatre student (age 10-15) and was a two-week summer course based on the audition process. It has evolved into a year-round program, coinciding with the Lincoln Public School’s calendar, with the schedule being a week long program during the Spring break and two 2-week programs in the Summer. We now include ages 7-18.

The academies are set up so that the participants receive instruction in acting, movement, singing, and other forms appropriate for the show that has been selected. Participants rehearse with the director, music director, and choreographer.

Any student with an interest in theatre is eligible for this program. We find that the varying degrees of talent is a plus for everyone involved, since much of our process is built on teaching the tools they need for a successful production.

For information about the Theatre Arts Academy, see the Schedule of Classes).